Meek Goes From Nicki To Nessa!

Just last summer we were all rooting for “Omeeka”, the cute couple name given to rappers Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill after the two admitted to being in a relationship. Since the break-up, everyone has been wondering how Meek would upgrade his roster being as though Nicki sets the bar pretty high.

Well several months after their split, there have been claims that Meek has moved on from Nicki to another beautiful female, looks like Meek has a type! The rapper showed off his new girlfriend, Nessa Colombiana, in a few videos of them in Dubai. According to TMZ, Meek was there with Nessa for Arab fashion week.

The two haven’t been hanging that long but Nessa has been accompanying Meek to important events such as his big birthday bash in the Caribbean a few weeks ago. In a photo Nessa uploaded, Meek can be seen walking with Nessa through what looks like it could be a palace. “Y’all sip tea …. we sip champ #dubaimemories,” Nessa captioned the photo. After a few days the photo was taken down.

One photo that’s still up is a picture of her in the Caribbean with a Dream Chaser’s hat on and a cup with Meeks name on it.

At this point, there’s not enough evidence to prove how serious these two are. Since she spent some time with him in Dubai, you can guess this is more than a little fling. I mean you don’t just casually take another person to the other side of the world with you.

It’s good to see Meek having a good time since he’s about to do some touring soon. A few days after his birthday, Meek announced his Against All Odds Tour, a trek that will see him travel with Yo Gotti for a 21-city collection of concerts. The tour begins on July 5 in Cleveland, Ohio.