Views From The Prom

Prom season comes with more thrills now than ever before. From arriving in a helicopter, flexin’ in designer attire, hiring professional dancers to create an entrance, we’ve seen it all! Or, so we thought.

Over the weekend, the “Champagne Papi” himself made the prom of his little cousin, Jalaah, a night to remember. Drake became a third-wheel by escorting Jalaah and her date to her high school prom in Memphis, TN.  She described it as the “best day ever” via Instagram. 

Jalaah attends Fairley High in Memphis and her peers were more than excited to see Drake step in. Drake remained laid back, but he couldn’t stop the news of his appearance from reaching everyone on social media. 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

Not only did Drake take the lovely couple to the prom in a…brace yourself...white Rolls Royce, but, he also threw her an after party with all her Fairley High classmates at the Hard Rock Café. He even posted this selfless photo of the couple on his IG:

Drake didn’t even perform! He made sure this night was all about his little cousin. For a while, Drake’s third-wheeling will top all “promposals” or prom pictures ever posted. He is truly a family man and although always on the go, he still makes sure to dedicate himself to the ones he loves. Issa third wheel!