Venus Williams Works Deals In Heels

World Champion tennis player, founder and CEO of design firm V*STARR Interiors, Venus Williams, is set to produce and appear in an unscripted series that brings female entrepreneurship to the forefront. Williams is partnering with 3 Ball Entertainment production company for the series called ‘Deals in Heels’.

Williams will appear in the series with a panel of other female magnates who will serve as mentors for businesswomen before making final investment offers.

The season will premiere with five episodes. Five women entrepreneurs whose business shows most favorable will be invited to the “executive suite” where they will go into further depth with their companies’ ideas. If their business plans are up-to-par, the panel will work with the business women up for a month for critical upcoming sales. At the end of the month, two entrepreneurs will be chosen to return to the “executive suite” to re-pitch, and after review and negotiations, only one will receive an investment from the panel.

Can we get a handclap for all this girl power?