Zendaya Channels Her Inner Badu

The trending hashtags, retweets, and video re-posts of her performance say it all. Zendaya, you’ve slayed us once again.

Spike aired another iconic episode of Lip Sync Battle over the weekend.

Zendaya battled Actor Tom Holland and gave us the full, soulful and legendary act of Ms. Erykah Badu performing ‘Tyrone’ in 97’.

The show, hosted by LL Cool  J and Chrissy Teigen, is known to pull two celebs together to battle each other in a sing-off. The songs chosen are always a crowd favorite, along with the battlers’ outfits, stage set-up and full devotion to the artist they have chosen to cover.

Just when we thought that the show gave us enough at Channing Tatum bringing out Queen Beyoncé herself while lip-syncing “Run The World (Girls)” against his wife lip-syncing Ginuwine’s classic “Pony”, here comes Zendaya!

Zendaya’s lip-syncing greatness didn’t stop there as she then performed as Bruno Mars singing his most recent hit , “24k Magic”.

According to Yahoo! News , Zendaya described ‘Tyrone’ as a “classic”. Because of this, she also told LL, “If I do this, I gotta do it right.”

But, there’s no doubt that ‘Tyrone’ was the topic of the entire show and weekend. On top of that, Ms. Badu herself sent her praises to Zendaya via Twitter.

If you missed Zendaya’s performance, that’s okay. View it below:

Then watch Ms. Erykah Badu perform “Tyrone” live and tell us, did Zendaya nail it or what?!