Nicki Minaj : Model Behavior

Nicki Minaj is officially signed to Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.  The rapper confirmed the deal this past Tuesday on Instagram.

Nicki also appeared in Roberto Cavalli’s Spring 2015 campaign so this new contract is excellent news for the rapper. 

Not only will we see a different side of her but she will be able to show young girls that no matter how tall, short, thin or curvy you are, you can pursue your dreams with perseverance and consistency. Im personally rooting for Nicki, I think she's beautiful with or without makeup and definitely has what it takes to keep rising to the occasion.

Wilhelmina is no stranger to signing musicians. In fact they have a category for celebs called the Celebrity Division which represents artists including Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, Nick Jonas and Iggy Azalea.

Nicki has done a complete 360 turn around since she first emerged as an artist back in 2004. She went from a brightly colored, fast rapping, overly explicit woman to a well put together singer/rapper who wears earth tone clothing with light makeup and sleek hair styles.

She has surely proven that she can be model material. Onika has been full of surprises lately. Who knows what's next for her. More acting maybe???