Lunch With The Carters!

This past Friday “The Carters” which included Entrepreneur and Rapper Jay Z, his multitalented wife Beyoncé, their beautiful daughter BlueIvy and Jay’s other queen, his mom Gloria. The four of them dined in Venice, California at Gjelina which has been said to be one of their favorite restaurants in California.

The group was pretty incognito after the entrance they made. Queen Bey arrived in one of the three Escalades looking very boho chic, while Jay and his mother Gloria followed in a Tesla. When they arrived, they headed straight to the back of the restaurant far away from paparazzi to have a much privacy as possible.

The family enjoyed their lunch for about an hour before they made their way back out. No word on what they order or chatted about. Security pulled right up to the nearest exit of Bey where she casually slide into the car. The crew then drove off where they headed to Def Jam Records a few miles away from the fancy restaurant where they all met up.

Jay and Beyoncé are expanding their family from one to three with the arrival of their twins soon to come. We are all patiently waiting to see whether it's a pair of girls, boys or one of each. Whatever she has we all wish both her and Jay healthy and happy babies as well as a smooth pregnancy.