An Orange Wedding?

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are now officially married! The two had a gorgeous ceremony this past weekend in Palm Springs. Wiley shared this photo on Instagram, and if they’re wedding was anything like this photo, we can only imagine how magical the day must have been. 

Wiley and Morelli met on the set of Orange Is The New Black, where Wiley played one of everyone’s favorite inmates, Poussey Washington,  Morelli is one of the show’s writers. They had an unconventional kind of love, Morelli was married when she met Wiley, and ended up leaving her husband after falling in love. The two got engaged in the fall of 2016.

Martha Stewart Weddings was the first to report on the news, Stewart provided a short recap of the ceremony.

 “The afternoon began with an outdoor ceremony officiated by Samira’s parents (with a recession up the aisle to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”) and continued with the newlyweds making a grand entrance to the reception as Justin Bieber’s “Baby” played.” 

So long story short...their wedding was lit. Congrats to the happy couple!