BLACK-ish and Brown!

Grammy and Billboard award winner Chris Brown is set to appear on next week's episode of Black-ish. Dre, Anthony Anderson’s character, is very eager to get on board to be apart of the advertising campaign for “Rich Youngsta” who will be played by Chris Brown.

While Dre is basking in the ambiance of being around the popular star he becomes conflicted when his wife Bow played by the funny (Tracee Ellis Ross) and Ruby (Jennifer Lewis) say that “Rich Youngsta” plays on negative stereotypes.

Meanwhile Bow tries and is determined to get the family to stop eating take out even though it may be too late because they're already spoiled and stuck in their ways.

Each season of Black-ish has featured appearances from some of the hottest names in the biz such as, Amber Rose, Tyra Banks, Zendaya and Daveed Diggs to name a few. 

Be sure to tune in for Season 3, Episode 19 next Wednesday at 9:30pm. Chris Brown is sure to do a excellent job considering this isn't his first acting gig and I'm pretty sure not the last. If you're a part of team breezy and follow Chris on Instagram, you know he's one for joking around from time to time. I’m certain he won't let us down and will bring his sense of humor and funny personality to our tv screens. I know I'll be watching, will you?