Nicki Minaj Makes History

 The Queen of Rap ALWAYS comes out on top! Nicki Minaj now has more songs than any other female artist on the Billboard Hot 100, after passing a record for most appearances with Aretha Franklin in the charts 58- year history.

Minaj released a trio of songs earlier this month putting her in the lead with 76 Hot 100 songs , to Aretha Franklin’s 73.

According to Billboard, Nicki will officially make history on April 1, once her songs are tallied on the charts. Her collab with Drake and Lil Wayne, “No Frauds,” hit No. 14, while “Regret In Your Tears,” came in at No.61 and “Changed It” featuring Lil Wayne locked in at No.71. 

The Queen of Soul held the title for nearly 40 years when “Break It To Me,” debuted on the charts in June 18, 1977 as her 54th appearance. Minaj and Franklin tied up at 73 on March 11, 2017, after Gucci Mane’s single, “Make Love,” featuring Nicki, came in at at No.78 on Billboard's Hot 100. 

Nicki turned up on Instagram, by celebrating  the big news with a sexy twerking video, captioned, “When u find out u just became the only woman in the history of billboard to have 76 Hot 100 billboard entries."


Billboard has provided an updated list of all female artist entrees on the Hot 100 list below:

Most Hot 100 Entries Among Women All-Time

76, Nicki Minaj
73, Aretha Franklin
70, Taylor Swift
58, Rihanna
57, Madonna
56, Dionne Warwick
54, Beyonce
53, Connie Francis
48, Mariah Carey
48, Brenda Lee
43, Miley Cyrus
41, Barbra Streisand
40, Mary J. Blige
40, Janet Jackson
40, Diana Ross