Thank You, Chance.

Just days after he sat down with Illinois governor, Bruce Rauner, Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper pledged 1 million dollars to Chicago’s public schools. The meeting didn’t go as well as he’d hoped, but with his pledge, he’d hope he’d do some good for his city. The donation did not go unnoticed, many students including Alex Rojas, Alonda Cerros and Annelise Betancourt penned an open letter to Chance in Billboard Magazine

“We thank you for supporting Chicago’s minority youth when not many others have put time to think about the kids. As minority students we feel ignored and as though we don’t have enough support from bigger influences like you. Being born and raised in Chicago is not easy at all. There are so many stereotypes and restrictions we have as teenagers due to the frequent violence and crimes. Your music puts some at ease because we know that someone cares and someone has experienced these daily struggles too.” (Rojas, Cerros and Betancourt).

The students go on to thank Chance for his humility and for being one of the few celebrities from Chicago to help the struggling schools. He let them know that this is only the beginning, responding on Twitter with, “I appreciate you guys, and you’ll be happy to know the work has only just started. Huge things to come over the next 2 weeks.”

How amazing is Chance?! We’re all for celebrities giving back and showing love to their hometowns, let us know what you guys think on Twitter and Instagram @TooMuchInfo__!