Don’t get too excited just yet. Oprah had never really thought about running for President. Just last month when she spoke to Newsday she had replied, “Nope, not my thing. Not my thing.” Winfrey didn’t think she had enough experience to run the United states, but in light of the last election she may be thinking differently. Has Trump’s presidency changed the talk show host’s mind?

Not exactly. It still isn’t confirmed whether or not Oprah is all in for running for president in 2020, but she had been rethinking the subject. Before this last election, she admits it had never really been an option for her, once again thinking she was not qualified enough. After seeing the epic match-up that was Donald vs. Hillary, it’s gotten Oprah thinking that she could actually have a shot.

Though there is not much we can do at the moment about Winfrey possibly throwing in her ticket for president, we can dream. Clinton vs. Trump had single-handedly been the biggest showdown in election history, but can you imagine Winfrey vs. Trump? It isn’t unlikely for Winfrey to win, she’s built an entire empire on unlikely triumphs, a presidency would not be so far fetched. For now, all we can do is wait it out until the next presidential election gets nearer, and hope that Oprah decides this is her next venture. Would you vote for Oprah, or do you think we should try and give politics back to professional politicians? Let us know how you feel @TooMuchInfo__