Hov Is Working In The Studio

 Who you know fresher than HOV, riddle me that”- Jay-z

That's right, HOV is back to give us another album! 

Zaytoven, the popular Atlanta producer who's known for making hit records for rappers such as Gucci Mane, E-40, and Migos confirmed an upcoming collaboration with hip hop legend Jay-z, according to XXL.

The producer spoke about working with the legendary mogul in a recent interview with Billboard.

   “ I didn’t think they listen to my music or even know who I am. I was in L.A. in a meeting with Big Jon [a veteran publishing executive] and he was like, 'Me and Jay was just talking about you.' So he text him and [Jay Z] said, 'You have Zaytoven over there? Can he come to the house?' And I’m like, What? For real?” Zaytoven said.

He continued on about meeting up with Jay-z.


  “I didn’t know how far [my music] was reaching,” he told the magazine. “So when Jay-Z invited me to his house and told me what type of beats he wanted, it opened my mind up to be like, my music is reaching everybody and touching people in a certain way,” the trap king said.

According to Zaytoven, no official dates have been set for the music release or album.

I feel like [the collaboration] is gonna be for both of [our projects]. I know it's going to be a trophy for me.

Sounds like these two artist will be giving us some hits later on this year!

Can't wait!

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