Drake & Nicki: Reunited?

February 1st has held a lot of celeb news for us. Beyonce has announced she’s pregnant with twins, which you can check out @Shivonce’s article about that here , Bruno Mars schools us on Black Music in an issue of Latina, oh and Drake and Nicki Minaj are hanging out. Yes, you read that right! Champagne Papi and Barbie are apparently speaking again!

If you’ll recall, Drake and Nicki were pretty good friends for a very long time, and even had some chemistry from time to time. Then Nicki started dating rapper Meek Mill soon after. Meek and Drake did not get along well. Between the two of them, rumors were spread, diss tracks were made and in the end, it ended in Drake and Nicki Minaj’s relationship ending. Nicki and Meek dated for awhile, but have split in late 2016. Drake and Nicki hadn’t been seen together during most of her relationship.

Well that streak has ended today as Drake, Nicki and Lil Wayne were pictured together! It’s nice to see a Young Money reunion, but it only urges me to think, could they possibly be working? Another Nicki, Wayne and Drake collab? That’s definitely something music has been missing. But if they’re not working on anything right now, it’s good to see these three back together and hanging out again. But let’s be real, we hope they’re working on new music! What do you all think? Let us know on Twitter @TooMuchInfo__!