T.I. Sends A Message To "US"

T.I. is getting deep into politics!

T.I. has reacted to the win by writing letters. He issued two open letters, one to Barack Obama and other one to Donald Trump. His third, and final, letter is to the people.

In a recent interview with Ebony Magazine, T.I. was asked who he was referring to in his letter when he said “us.”

“The Black community, the hip hop community or whoever is against the oppressive communities that have historically tried to bring us down. Right now, I don’t necessarily think it’s a race thing. There are some White people riding with us just like it was in the Civil Rights Movement,” he said. “ It’s a community of people and it’s a cause that transcends race, gender, sexual orientation, social status. Its people who are fighters for what’s right.”

His third letter began emotionally:

 “As I write this letter, I can’t help but express my frustration and concern for US. I also can’t help but question my contribution to the status of where we are. I understand that I too have been guilty of doing the very things that put us here. Even still, right now the state of our community is more alarming than ever,” Harris said.

Harris acknowledged that some fans may not understand his reasons for writing. 

“I know this letter may be misunderstood by many, unduly dissected and misconstrued by most others, I still need to write and speak about these things that deeply concern me,” he said.

T.I. encouraged readers to assess their own lives as the nation goes through this transition. 

“As we look to the future for US, there could not be a better time to assess where we go from here. And while there’s currently great turmoil, there is even greater opportunity for US to work together to transform our community,” he said. “Far too many of our children are fatherless, far too many of our mothers are standing in the prison waiting rooms and far too many of our young people feel hopeless.”

 T.I.'s three open letters came after the release of his album “Us or Else: Letter To The System,”  last September. The album focused on civil and social issues.

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