New Deal Alert: DJ Khaled Shares His Keys To Success In Upcoming Book

There’s no denying that Dj Khaled is one of the greatest motivators of our time. In addition to having his first No.1 album of the year, the major key holder has performed in some of the hottest tours this year, landed TV commercials and became the unspoken king of Snapchat. Many of you may wonder how he pulls it all off, luckily Khaled is taking his expertise beyond his snap story and sharing the secrets to maximum success in his upcoming book.

It’s been announced that the business mogul has written his first book titled “The Keys”, very appropriate title if you ask me. The book will break down his philosophy of success and will include his infamous “mogul talk” feat Jay Z, LA Reid, Lyor Cohen, Arianna Huffington and many more. The cover of his book was shared via Instagram

“They tried to hide the keys from me when I was coming up. Now I’ve mastered the keys and I want to let everybody know that these are keys from my perspective,” Khaled announced. “This book will help you follow your vision as long as you have passion, dedication, blood, sweat and tears, and especially ignore when THEY try to bring you down. Major Key, I wish I had this book when I was coming up. This my passion pain success, blessing and more wins! We the best!”

“The Keys” is set to be released Nov.22 by Crown publishing group. You can pre order your copy today on Barnes &