Harry Styles Is Another Man

Since the boy band started their hiatus, all the members of One Direction have spread their wings and tried their hands at different things. Louis Tomlinson had a child, and guest starred on America’s Got Talent, Niall Horan taking up the sports side of things, starting a golfing foundation and Liam Payne hit the studio with a few R&B greats, preparing for his first solo studio album. Now you may ask, what about Harry Styles? What is he doing? The best way to answer this question is to ask what isn’t he doing? Since the hiatus, Styles has signed his own solo record deal like Payne, starred in a Christopher Nolan film set to come out next year and most recently, the cover boy for Another Man Magazine, set to hit stands September 29th.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

The magazine has been released today in many countries, flooding Twitter with pictures and pieces from the magazine. It features three different covers of styles, photos taken in his hometown of Holmes Chapel, England, and interviews conducted by Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler. The magazine also advertises a special document from Harry himself which has never been released before. In the biannual magazine, Styles talks about many different topics such as spirituality, love, being in One Direction and his life now that the band is not his priority. The magazine even features a piece on his sister Gemma, sharing childhood stories and talking about life with Harry before he became famous. 

PhotoCred:  permanentcross.tumblr.com

PhotoCred: permanentcross.tumblr.com

Harry tells Another Man, “I’m enjoying working right now and if you’re working you should make the most of it. I’m enjoying being in the studio and doing this movie and I’m not too bothered about going on vacation. I feel pretty lucky right now. I feel good about everything that happened with the band, I have no complaints or regrets.” I can’t wait to see what Harry does next, be sure to go out and grab a copy of Another Man when it hits the stands!