Lauren London Surprises Everyone With Newborn Baby!

Lauren London is known for her many roles in Hollywood, being a gorgeous model, and having a vibrant sex appeal with a  “Girl Next Door” personality. The mother of one of Lil Wayne’s many children is now the mother of two as her and boyfriend Nipsey Hussle welcome a new baby boy last week. The couple have kept their relationship quiet and private over the years, aside from the few Instagram photos they’ve posted. Ms. London has been deemed the “Queen of Lowkey” for keeping her relationship and private life out of the media. Her son Cameron, who is 7-years-old now, has only been seen in one photo with his father, rapper Lil Wayne. Now without even a single word of pregnancy she gives birth and surprises everyone. According to, A few months ago, London’s longtime friend and ATL co-star, T.I. slipped up and revealed that the couple were expecting a baby but apparently, everyone had forgotten about that. When it comes to making moves she is very discreet like Beyonce releasing an album.



She shared a post on Instagram Friday sharing the news of her new baby captioning “Last week I gave birth to a beautiful healthy happy baby boy. Blessed.” Also, in hashtags she wrote “QueenLowkey”, which describes her the best.

While Lauren didn’t reveal the name of her bundle of joy, Nipsey captioned the same photo with the name “KROSS” and shared his birth date as August 31st.

Earlier last week she shared a picture on Instagram of her first born for his birthday with the name “Carter” on the back of his jersey and the number seven.

Nipsey also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Congratulations to the couple on their new addition to their family!