Chris Brown Drops New Song Just Hours After Arrest

Chris Brown, is slowly becoming the poster boy for the saying “when life hands you lemons you make lemonade”. Less than 24 hours after being arrested on alleged assault with a deadly weapon charge, the singer released a new song titled “What Would You Do”. Now , we’re not sure if the song is reflecting on his current legal situation ,but the lyrics will definitely leave you  guessing.

The upbeat dance number which was released on his sound cloud   page Wednesday starts off with lyrics: “I’ve got some questions, some questions for you/ I need some answers, answers from you/ What do you do, fighting for your life when no one’s on your side?/ I can’t stand to loose you, see you’re in too deep with nowhere to hide” Mmmm, that was deep .

Earlier that day, Brown shared a video on his Instagram page hinting to his fans that he would be releasing a new music project.

And that’s exactly what he did .

Although the release date for his forthcoming album Heartbreak of a full moon has yet to be announced, he’s keeping us warmed up with this track and the album’s first single, “Grass Ain’t Greener”.here for yourself and tell us what you think . 

Brown has a proven track record for showing us how he prevail through tough situations, and it’s indeed through his music. We’re already feeling this new track, Listen to it Here