Normani Kordei Fights Cyber-Bullies

Early last month, Fifth Harmony singer, Normani Kordei was the victim of Twitter trolls commenting on everything from her looks to her singing. So on August 6th, Kordei took it upon herself to take a temporary hiatus from Twitter, saying she could no longer subject herself to the hate she was getting.

Though this seems to have been the summer for Twitter trolls, they did not keep Normani down. This passed Tuesday, September 13th, Normani returned to Twitter with a mission. Normani came back to Twitter posting a press release stating she will be working with the Cybersmile Foundation which supports those who have been bullied and harassed online. You can check out her statement about the foundation on her Twitter. She sparked the movement by asking her fans to support her by tweeting a photo of them and why they are supporting the Cybersmile movement.

Normani states she’s doing this because she wants to “raise awareness of the support that is available to people affected while playing my part in contributing to a kinder and more positive internet for everybody.” ( As Normani is not the only celebrity to be bullied online, it is great that she is taking a stand for not only herself, but everyone who is affected by people online. I’m personally glad Kordei has taken a stand and said that this is enough, and is finding a way to help not only herself but those who may not feel like they can talk to anyone about being bullied.