Live With Kelly And…You?

It’s been a bit hard for ABC’s Kelly Ripa to keep a constant co host since Michael Strahan left the show. Since his departure, there’s been a number of celebrity co-hosts, such as Morris Chestnut, Jussie Smollett, Andy Cohen and Joel McHale. There have been rumors about who would finally become a permanent co host, names such as Anderson Cooper, Rob Lowe and Fred Savage being thrown around. Recently, Ripa has been promoted to an executive producer and had said there would be a big announcement concerning the new co host of her show.

The new co host is….you? Ripa had announced that up until September 20th, the show would be taking applications from fans to be able to co host with her for a day. Though it is not exactly what people were expecting, it’s definitely fun and unlike something other hosts have done before. 

Yes, for lucky viewers out there you can sit with Kelly on live television. The contest calls for fans to go on to her website, film a short video about why they think they have what it takes to co host with Kelly and give a brief piece about themselves. Though it isn’t clear how many winners will be picked, we do know the person or people chosen will be able to host with Kelly for a day. 

As far as co hosts, this idea sounds like a great opportunity for dedicated fans and those trying to get out into the business. Good luck to Kelly on finding her co host (even if temporary) and good luck to all those applying!

Guest ContributorKelly Ripa, TV