Tia Mowry Speaks On Her Son And Gender Stereotypes

Tia Mowry-Hardrict is known for her role as Melanie Barnett in the hit TV series “The Game,”  which premiered in 2006. She is also known as a child star along with her twin sister Tamera Mowry, who both played in the 90’s TV series “Sister Sister”, and since then have been one of the most famous twin duo, debuting their own reality show “Tia & Tamera” in 2008. She married Cory Hardrict in 2008 and had their first child (Cree Hardrict) in 2011. Cree is now 5-years-old, and Tia recently speaks with Momtastic.com (a refreshing, mom-centric site mothers visit to get parenting insight and cool stories from other mommies) in an interview about gender stereotypes and how she feels they shouldn’t exist. She explains in the article that her son’s long beautiful hair constantly gets criticized because it makes him look like a girl, although she has asked Cree does he want to cut his hair and he constantly tells her no. “Why are people so fixated on the gender stereotype of boys having short hair and girls having long hair”, she exclaims in the article.      

You would think that in 2016 the lines between gender roles have been blurred because so many different traditional representation of men and women are being accepted, but according to phys.org in their blog on How Have Gender Stereotypes Changed Over The Past 30 Years, “despite greater diversity in the 2014 sample, people continue to strongly stereotype men and women on personality traits (e.g. kindness, competitiveness), gender role behaviors (e.g. tending the house, upholding moral and religious values), occupations (e.g. registered nurse, engineer) and physical characteristics (e.g., delicate, deep voice)”. 

Tia reveals she feels that boys are affected more than girls when it comes to gender roles and stereotypes. “If a girl is playing with a truck I don’t feel like there will be as big of an uproar as if a little boy is playing with a doll”, she says. 

Photo Cred: Momtastic.com

Photo Cred: Momtastic.com

She describes Cree’s room as being colorful instead of the typical blue or green theme most boys have, and he also has a kitchen set (shown above) for him to play with. She says she’s hoping when he grows up he is able to cook for himself and doesn’t have to depend on any woman to cook for him. Some people feel like Cree shouldn’t play with a kitchen set, they feel like kitchen sets are meant for little girls to play with. She states “But, if my son wants to grow up and be a chef one day, so be it!”