Beyonce Slays Again

If you had the misfortune of missing lasts night's MTV VMA’s, there’s one performance that definitely has the world shook.  Rihanna did kill her four performances, Britney Spears showed us that she's back and better than ever, and all the other performers gave us something to dance to, but Beyonce came out to slay last night and left absolutely no one untouched.



After being introduced by Serena Williams, Beyonce hit us with a sixteen minute mini-set list of some of her most popular songs from her Lemonade album, beginning with Pray You Catch Me,, followed by Hold Up, Sorry, Don’t Hurt Yourself, and ending with Formation. Of course the crowd was excited to see Queen Bey in all her glory, but the visuals and dances actually took her performance to the next level. 

Everyone (including me) was living their best life during the performance. She came out with fire in her eyes, dancers ready to move and Warsan Shire’s poetry over the speakers. In true Beyonce fashion, she made sure that her performance was not only entertaining, but still carried the same messages she intended. Throughout the performance there were nods to Black Lives Matter and Feminism, two issues very near to her heart.

The performance itself was beautiful and showed that though Beyonce is a performer, she is an artist and a human being and the entirety of it was not only catchy, but beautiful. From flames, to bats, to flashes police lights and her dancers making out the symbol for women at the end of the set, Queen Bey was truly on another level at the 2016 MTV VMA’s. It also didn’t hurt she took home a couple of awards as well. 

Check out the full performance at

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