JoJo Is Back And Unapologetic

You’ll most likely know her as the 13-year old singer who dropped “Leave (Get Out)” back in 2004. (Yes, it’s really been that long).  JoJo had two albums drop, her first self-titled album and sophomore album titled “The High Road”, before she seemingly disappeared from the music scene for awhile, staring in a few movies and then taking a break from entertainment as a whole.

Late last year, JoJo made her debut back into music, dropping her “Tringle,” a series of three singles, When Love Hurts, Say Love, and Save My Soul, which hyped us all up for a new her new music and possible new album. Though she did not drop an album last year, she did open up for Fifth Harmony on tour this year, as well as do many shows and a couple of festivals here and there. 

Low and behold, a few weeks ago JoJo dropped an absolute fire single, “F*** Apologies,” featuring Wiz Khalifa out of the blue. A few weeks later, she posted this picture on her instagram of a pregnancy test dated for October 10th 2016. 

If you’ve been following her on Instagram, you’ll know that she’s very much not pregnant from the photos we get of her flaunting her abs. We can only imply that this has to be the release date for her next album being that for days before, she had been teasing something big coming. She’s hardly been doing nothing since the last album we’ve gotten from her, so to know that she’s been working that hard and is almost ready to release new music is exciting. In my honest opinion, the world has been too long without some JoJo in their lives, and we should all prepare for what she’s got coming for us next.