Zendaya Launches New Shoe Line

Zendaya released her new shoe line last week and shares her inspiration behind her creation with her fans. From television to fashion, Zendaya has made a positive name for herself, with fans aging from the range of 11-years-old to young women in their 20’s. The 19-year-old former Disney star, who is now a young pop-diva, says she is really inspired with the women in her life and also creating an affordable shoe that is oh so stylish! “I have big sisters, my mom, my older niece who’s in college, and my little nieces who are soon going to start wearing heels and want to go to school dances. Also, I was that girl with working parents who couldn’t afford Louboutins and wanted a great shoe to wear to my 8th grade dance, but wasn’t available”, she tells Glamour.com. She also tells Glamour that she loves wearing tall heels, despite being so tall herself and her advice to other tall women is to “be fabulous while being tall” and that she knows she’s towering when she’s barefoot, so she might as well “really do it up” wearing some heels.

PhotoCred: Glamour.com

PhotoCred: Glamour.com

Atmore Pumps: $80

According to People magazine, Zendaya collaborated with her stylist Law Roach, and she had only one goal in mind: make shoes for “all women”. She named the line “Daya” after her childhood nickname and couldn’t wait to share with her fans.

She also shares her confidence in her line on twitter calling herself a “shoe designer”, and giving the link online to purchase her cute footwear: