People Rally Behind Malia Obama Amidst Smoking Video

Malia Obama has been scrutinized recently in the media for doing things such as going to Lollapalooza instead of the DNC, twerking at the festival and now reportedly for smoking. People have been calling her disrespectful, wild and out of hand since the event and comparing her to her sister who got a summer job, saying she should be more like her.

PhotoCred: Boston Herald

PhotoCred: Boston Herald

Though she has been scrutinized by many, a lot more people have been rallying against those haters and defending Malia, especially after the recent video of her smoking surfaced. Malia has grown up under the public eye, having her father and whole family judged because her father is the president, but despite that, Malia has never faced a real scandal or acted out, she had been deemed many times the epitome of the “All-American Girl”. Many are defending her saying she’s a just teenager, and though many don’t want to admit it, these are things normal teens do. 

Mainly Twitter users spoke up about how she’s just an 18 year old girl, and that she’s having fun with her friends at a festival. Even Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain spoke up, telling haters to leave Malia alone. 

Malia is an 18 year old girl, who recently graduated from the exclusive Sidwell Friends School in Washingston D.C. and has been accepted to Harvard, where she will attend for college after a gap year. For anyone that seems to be an amazing accomplishment, so why not live a little? She’s young, intelligent and has a bright future ahead of her, and people have gotten away with much worse than having fun with their friends. Malia is still that All-American girl she was before the festival, and like Twitter says, everyone should just let her live.