Former Olympic Gymnast Turned Singer?

Since the 2012 London Olympics, gymnast McKayla Maroney has hung up her leotard and traded in her meme-worthy pout for smiling selfies on Instagram. Being a dedicated gymnast for most of her life, she finally decided back in February to officially retire from gymnastic in order to pursue another one of her dreams, music.

Stating Taylor Swift and Drake as two of her biggest inspirations, Maroney has been hitting the studio to record her first record, which she described to US Weekly as “vulnerable pop” because it’s “all melody and lyrically driven and heart driven.” Her first sing;e, “Ghost,” is set to debut September 8th. 

 Maroney admits to struggling with herself after the 2012 Olympics. She wouldn’t have been able to compete in Rio after having multiple surgeries, and had an identity crisis from going to the Olympic champion to McKayla, former gymnast. 



Though she still loves the sport and supports her former teammates, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman, she seems to be content with her choice and much happier to be pursuing something else she loves. Being so dedicated to her sport left little time for her to go down other paths, being in the gym all day and then coming home to do homework. While training, the girls were not allowed to date, not that she had much time to anyway. With her spare time after that McKayla herself says she would write songs, her favorite being about love.

McKayla, like other young people her age is now getting to find herself and experiment with clothing, makeup and hair styles. Receiving some negative comments on Instagram about her lips, she was able to find her own confidence and ways to deal with haters.

Though she may not be the pouting Olympic gymnast we’ve come to know, she’s still McKayla, a super talented girl who’s going for her dreams. Keep a lookout for her single and any future music!