Chris Brown Releases 2 New Tracks: “My Friend” and “A Lot of Love”

On Thursday July 7th, Chris Brown reacted to the recent death of Philando Castile and another prior to that involving Alton Sterling by releasing a new record titled “My Friend”. Earlier today he continues the trend with “A Lot Of Love”. The songs have two different sounds. “A Lot Of Love” is only 1:51 in length with “My Friend” being longer at 3:20. Both songs have great messages in them. In “My Friend” Chris talks about packing up and leaving then regretting his decision later on and now misses what he had and wonders if that special someone misses him in return. He also states that he hopes to see whomever the song is in reference to and that they're friends. “A Lot Of Love” is a bit different with a message of hope and prosperity. It speaks to a lot of what's going on at the moment with all the division in the world lately. The track focuses on overcoming a challenge and rising above despair. One line in the song reads

“It's time to help each other try, You can do it all it takes is, A lot of love”.



Both tracks were written by Chris Brown himself and released for free. The two tracks can be found on The point Chris is trying to make is that we need to come together as a unit and help one another out when someone is down and that we have what it takes to make some positive changes to a better, brighter and more peaceful future. This is a great look for Brown considering all the recent incidents the young pop, r&b and hip hop artist has been involved in. Maybe this act of kindness will show that Chris is human like the rest of us and does have a heart. Hopefully it can even lighten his load a bit with all the negative criticism he's been receiving in the tabloids.

By standing up for what Chris believes in, he can let the world see for themselves that he is very inspiring and positive and might I add an amazing singer-songwriter, dancer, rapper and overall badass performer. 

Check out the new tracks below: