Russell Wilson Discusses Joys Of Being A Stepfather

So much attention has been brought to Ciara’s marriage and her hubby’s interactions with her son, Baby Future. Russell Wilson has been relevant in Baby Future’s life even before they tied the knot, but now he has been showing more affection to the child more than ever. Even though some people may disagree (for whatever reason) and some may say he is doing too much, others are catching warm hearts and adore the new union between the three of them. In no way does it seem like Russell is trying to take the place of Baby Future’s real father (rapper known as Future), but only embracing the love of a new family member by adoring the 2-year-old and his mother devotedly. The press has been thriving off of their relationship being the first to release pictures of Baby Future and Russell, and their affection towards each other.



 Wilson has also used social media to express how much Baby Future and Ciara mean to him:


Earlier this week at an event for his “Why Not You? Foundation” Wilson briefly speaks about what it’s like for him to be a stepdad, which is the first time he has spoken publicly about the experience.

He says: Ciara has been an inspiration since day one, and her little one, too, just watching him. You know, it’s interesting. I was saying to someone the other day that being a stepfather is one of the most loving things you can do. You know, you really, really learn how to love. Because especially when it’s not yours, you know, you realize that every child matters. Every heart matters. Every soul matters. Every mind matters. And that’s why we’re here honestly, just for situations like that. That’s what I think about. When I see her little son every time I’m around her and when I’m not around her, I always think about them, too, so they’re an inspiration.

How could anyone be mad at a man who thinks the way Russell Wilson does? There is no problem with stepfathers providing the love and care for a child that isn’t theirs. If he is a gentleman to you and your child, why not include him in both of your lives.