Alicia Keys Delivering Empowering Statements Without Saying A Word

Alicia Keys, R&B Artist, Feminist and Grammy Award winning artist made a statement last night at the Democratic National Convention without saying a thing. Keys opened up for Hilary Clinton’s surprise appearance. She opened up performing “Superwomen” and “Girl On Fire,” two very empowering songs. After Hilary was introduced last night in Philadelphia she said something for all the young women who stayed up late to watch. She said “I may become the first woman president, but one of you is next”. 

Keys took the stage embracing all of her natural beauty. She didn’t wear any concealer, any mascara, any lip enhancers, she wore her bare face with her natural curls, held together by a head scarf. A while ago she wrote an essay for Lenny Letter and she vowed to go make-up free and railed against the idea of physical perfection. She couldn’t have stood by her word in a better way. Performing make-up free in front of thousands of people live and millions of people watching? Don’t walk the walk if you can’t talk the talk. Keys not only stuck to her word but sent a powerful message. It is okay to wear your natural beauty. It is who you are. For many young women who struggle with this, this was nothing but inspiration. 

Nothing is perfect, physical perfection is nothing you should ever worry about, embrace your natural self and natural beauty. Flaws and all. Watch the performance below: