Is It A Relationship?

Sunday’s BET Award show may have given away a little more than just awards. As we all know, the newest signee of Kanye West G.O.O.D Music label, Desiigner, performed his hit single Panda during the award show. While he had the crowd going up, someone else was extremely excited for him via Instagram. The original Queen Bee, Lil Kim may have given away some relationship hints with her latest three Instagram posts. The pictures aren’t just friendly pictures and the affectionate captions top it off. Desiigner hasn’t posted anything about the two just yet but we’re staying tuned. The two Brooklyn natives so the match makes perfect sense, but you never know, they could just be showing each other love the Brooklyn way. Desiigner is 19 while Lil Kim is 41, but we all know age is just a number. Whatever the two decide to do, we wish them the best in their future endeavors. Nothing but peace and happiness.

Along with his hit single Panda, performing at the award show , being signed to Kanye West and a possible relationship, Desiigner had the honor of being on the XXL’s 2016 freshman list. He also released his first mixtape ‘New English’. The mixtape has 11 songs and many features. It is available for download on Spinrilla.