5 Things You Will Be Surprised To Know About "Power"

With the anticipation on what season 3 will bring, gathered are some facts that may put your mind to ease in the meantime. Here are 5 things, you will be surprised to know about the hit tv series “Power”. 

1. The creator of Power, Courtney Kemp Agboh’s,  based some of the characters off of real people. The character Angela is based on herself, while Ghost is a combination of her father, 50 cent, and others. 

2. Agboh’s father, was her actual inspiration for the show.  After he suddenly passed away, due to a heart attack; she became interested in the idea of sudden change, and how powerless it makes us feel.

3. 50 cent helped pitch the show to Starz, by playing them music; in which, he wrote for the show. Not only were they sold on the show, by his music, but his song ,“Big rich town” feat. Joe was chosen as the theme song. 

PhotoCred: starz.com

PhotoCred: starz.com

4. Omar Hardwick who plays Ghost, was homeless prior to becoming an actor. Thankfully to Denzel Washington, and his wife Paula he was able to get back on his feet. They provided him with a place to stay,and shortly after he transitioned into acting. 

5. 50 cent wanted to use real live scenery. Unlike other tv shows that are filmed in studio sets, Power is shot in different areas of New York. They even filmed in 50 cents old neighborhood Jamaica, Queens.

Power proving that they can hang with the big shows was moved from, Saturday to Sunday. Season 3 will air on Tonight at 9pm. Can't wait!