Tyrese Leads By Example

It's been an ongoing custody battle between singer Tyrese, and ex-wife Norma.  But due to recent events, they've decided to hash out their differences. The two have come to an agreement in regards to their beautiful daughter, Shayla. Here's a statement via TMZ: 

Tyrese tells us last week’s thorrendous events had a huge impact on both of them, and they had a long, heartfelt talk for the first time in memory … about all the hatred in this country. They realized by waging war with each other, they're  were part of the problem.

Tyrese feels strongly … black families need to band together, and the place to start is home.

Things have changed in a big way in the last few days. Tyrese posted a picture Monday with Norma and Shayla where they were all smiles.

As for the future, Tyrese insists this doesn’t mean he’s getting back with Norma … it’s about putting their differences aside to co-parent Shayla, and it’s working.  

Instagram: @tyrese

Instagram: @tyrese


This is not the only dispute he has ended. He also ended an argument between singer, Lyfe Jennings and rapper turned activist, David Banner. The two had a brief argument during the Black Lives Matter panel, that could've been an instant media frenzy. But thanks to Tyrese intervening, the two refocused on the reason they were all there to begin with, to bring awareness. True definition of leading by example.