Rick Ross In Hopes Of Signing Homeless Man

A couple of weeks ago, a video of rapper and entrepreneur, Rick Ross, surfaced of him enjoying some hot bars of a homeless Venice Beach street rapper. The video went viral and received 70,879 views since, according to Complex News. The rappers name is Isa Muhammad. He was homeless at the time of his performance for Ross. As the founder of MMG walked by and saw that a audience was growing and gravitating to Isa due to his intellectual flow and delivery, he had to stop for himself. 

So impressed with his hard hitting skills the rap mogul invited Isa to Atlanta, GA for the MMG weekend party at his mansion. The rapper has been making his rounds around the MMG family to become friendly with the crew. He was even spotted hanging out with Ross in the club recently.



The newly famed rapper wasted no time to record and release his first street single titled “Chemtrails and Muslim Wars” available on Soundcloud. Although there are speculations that Isa is signed to MMG, he isn't. Well, at least not at the moment. Ross may be on the verge of doing so soon. With lines like “Galactic gargantuan chewing on a milky way and State Farm’s not the only way to make a better way to build a better state”. He might do so sooner than later.

This goes to show that it doesn't matter who you are, what you have or where you come from. Anyone is capable of making their dreams come true in any circumstance. When opportunity presents itself make sure you step up to the plate. Ready or not! You may never get the chance to ever do so again. Isa Muhammad is a prime example of that and now reaping the sweet reward. We can all take some inspiration from that.

Here is Isa Muhammad’s latest single- “Chemtrails and Muslim Wars