Mogul Talk: Kim Kardashian Covers Forbes Magazine

A lot of people love to ask the famous question, “what is Kim Kardashian famous for?”. It’s no secret that she became an overnight celebrity, due to a past relationship with ex-boyfriend Ray J. But she has proven that her fame is not, a 15 mins type of fame. Kim has mastered the reality show world, fashion world, and recently the app world. Mrs. West will be featured on another Magazine cover, this time for Forbes. and not to worry as seen above she is fully clothed, she went for the more natural look. Which is to assure you she means business! The reason she is featured in the magazine is because she made, over 45 million from one game. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has been downloaded 45 million times, and has generated 160 million in revue since it was first released two years ago. What got her to even consider making an app? It all started with an avatar. Kim talks to on how she became obsessed with the idea:

“I became really intrigued with the tech world. I started spending a lot of time in San Francisco. I realized this is really going to be the next cycle of my career and this is what I want to focus on.”
— Kim Kardashian West
Photocred: Apple 

Photocred: Apple 

Along with Kim Kardashian Hollywood she has also created an emoji app, calling it “Kimoji”; in which, I am sure will do just as great. You can find both apps, in the App store. Pure Genius.