Ameriie's Comeback

We all know Amerie for her hot single "Why Don’t We Fall in Love" that dropped mid spring of 2002. From block parties to cruising in our cars, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing her song. Soon after came the official album titled "All I Have" which led to fame, features & several more albums. After taking a brief hiatus & 13 years from her first hit single, Ameriie is back! With her new mixtape EP "Drive" and an added vowel in her name, Ameriie still is able to catch us with her unique yet soulful vocals.

The album only has one feature which is by rapper, Fabolous, on the first track titled "Every Time". The track is followed by five others that you can truly listen to while you DRIVE to your destination. So all you Ameriie fans give it a listen I guarantee you won't be let down.

Stream the EP below: