4 Random Facts You May Not Have Known About Muhammad Ali

This year we've suffered a horrible lost of legends, with the passing of Natalie Cole, Prince, and as reported on June 3, Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74. In honor of his legacy here are four random facts, that you may have not known about the once heavy weight champion of the world: 

1. Why you should thank the person who stole Ali's bike:

The reason he started his career in boxing was due to police officer, Joe Martin. At 12 years old his bicycle was stolen. When he reported the theft to Martin, he vowed to pummel the culprit if found. Not knowing that Martin was also a boxing trainer, he suggested to young Ali that he take his anger in the boxing ring. After six weeks of training Ali won his first match.

2. In 1963 Columbia records released a Muhammad Ali spoken word album:

Not only was Ali good with his hands, but he was also good with his mouth! The fighter was known to instill his fighters by composing verses that frighten them. As a result of popular his iambic pentameter, a spoken word album called "I am the greatest" was released. The album also carried two bonus songs, sung by the fighter himself!

3. He changed his named to Muhammad Ali back in  1964: 

 After confirming to reporters that he had become a member of the Nation of Islam alongside Malcolm X, he first stated that he'd be dropping, what he called his slave name to "Cassius X". That was until,  Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad gave him the holy name "Muhammad Ali". 

4. You may be able to find Ali's medal submerged at the bottom of a river: 

In his autobiography Ali confessed that he threw his gold medal off a bridge, and into the Ohio river to protest racism he encountered in his homeland. But not to worry! in 1996 during the summer Olympics, he received a replacement gold medal. 

Photo Credit: www.bbc.com

Photo Credit: www.bbc.com

I leave you with one of his greatest quotes of all time: 

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

He will surely be missed by many!