Won’t He Do It!?

Tamar Braxton said it before, "what's for you, is for you”.  When the singer announced on Instagram that she'd be taking a break from social media due to her trusting someone, who she stated stabbed her in the back, noo one would've guessed it had to do with her being let go from daytime talk show, "The Real". On Thursday’s episode of “Braxtons Family Value”, Tamar got to say her side on what happened. In a vulnerable scene from Thursday’s episode, Tamar reveled that she felt disregarded, and disappointed because there was never a conversation about them not liking the way things were going. She also continued by saying:

"I don't understand. I could probably understand more if I know I did something, but I don't know what I did, I just feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me."

And through every storm she has faced this year:  Lack of album sales ( due to not being able to promote her album), not being able to complete the full season of “dancing with the stars” due to life threatening blood clots, and recently not being asked back to co-host on a show that she loved. She has always stayed positive, and reassured herself that God is in control. BFV ended with Tamar saying:

“I just feel like now it's just time to show myself, and remind myself of who I really am. I am Tamar Braxton, I am human, I have feelings. From my experiences with God is that sometimes he really wants you to jump and leap. And when you don't, you get that push. So that's how I gotta look at it. I'm getting pushed into my destiny.”

And just two weeks after her departure from the real, it was announced on the Steve Harvey morning show, that she will have her own talk show. Won't he do it?! 

Congrats to Tamar!