Nipsey Hussle Releases New Visual, “Status Symbol 2”

Since Mid-April, LA rapper, Nipsey Hussle has been releasing new music every week, as part of his campaign, #MarathonMondays. It’s  highly speculated that Nipsey will be releasing Victory Lap album very soon. Even though, he had released the song, “Status Symbol 2” earlier in the month, he recently released the visual a day ago. The song and video features guest artist, Buddy on the track. Buddy was on the first “Status Symbol” track on Hussle’s Mailbox Money mixtape last year. 

(Copyright by TMC)

(Copyright by TMC)

“Status Symbol 2” is a follow up to the “Status Symbol.” It details the life he lives as a rapper attached with the riches and lavishes that comes with it. Nipsey also explains and elaborates on the dangers that come along with being a Status Symbol.

Besides dropping tracks every Monday as a part of the #MarathonMonday campaign, he has been on a lot of features for different artists. His most notable feature recently, is the controversial song, “Fdt” by fellow West Coast rapper YG. A video was made for that song as well about two weeks ago. In addition, Nipsey Hussle and his publishing/marketing team are working on building his brand up more. He recently opened a store in Crenshaw that will sell his Marathon, TMC clothing. Another business venture Hussle is diving into is franchising various Fatburger restaurants in the California area.

Check out the new video below: