Fabolous Turning Up The Heat This Summer

Recently rapper, Fabolous had a sit down talk with Angela Yee and DJ Envy from the Breakfast Club and he let out some exciting news. Not only was he one of the artists who performed at Summer Jam this year, he has plenty more in store for the summer. While, DJ Envy and Angela touched on many subjects, they made sure to ask if he had any new music coming this summer. Fabolous told the two, "I think I'm gunna throw something out in July man, but I might go July and August. I got so much music, it's really just me figuring out when I'ma just let it or how." If you were wondering if you would have new music from Fab to dump this summer the answer is probably yes. He also told them, "I got some summertime music so that's why I'm ready to come, you know what I mean." He added, "It's the mixy-thot-y weather.” We’re still a little unsure of what “mixy-thot-y weather” is but I’m sure we’ll find out soon. Stay tuned and keep a watch out for Fab this summer. 

You can watch the full interview here:

Story Edited by: Sierra Williams