Meek Mill: How It All Turned Around

Meek Mill's single with Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj goes Platinum. ‘All Eyes On You’ was released last year by the trio and has just won a Platinum award. As announced on Meek Mill’s Instagram yesterday morning. He was pleased to share such a big surprise with everyone that he initially wanted to hold off on. 

From beef with the 6 God, to being on probation that was slowing down on his work, he has had an unforgettable year. He dropped two diss mixtapes against Drake that helped boost him in a way. As the Philadelphia native sores within the music industry, he has also partnered with PUMA. While this has been an ongoing partnership he just had a special promotion where you could receive up to 50% off using the promo code: MEEKMILL.  

Going through it getting through it, Meek Mill has had a great year. He just recently got to perform in Philly at Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour alongside, DJ Khaled and other fan favorites. Another big deal he has everyone waiting for is his mixtape, DC4. It was said to drop June 1 of this year but it seems to be a little delay. He has also released a song four days ago he did with Wale and Rick Ross called ‘Make it Work’.

The song is about how they had to play the hand they were dealt until they got to where they are today. You can check out the song on YouTube or Soundcloud. Meek seems to be on the roll now that his P.O. has let up, so we can be sure to expect a lot more from him. Congrats to his team and him on all their accomplishments.