Dawn Richard's Red Era

Infrared is just one of Dawn Richard's EP since the full split of Diddy's Making the Band girl group Danity Kane. The New Orleans native is no stranger to music. Being exposed early on to dance as a young girl led her down the path of being an entertainer with her up-tempo, yet seductive dark sound. Her music makes you feel superior & sexy. 

Infrared is part of a series of Dawn's albums/EP's that come together to tell a story. Richard has a sound like no other. Having two albums and another on the way (Redemption), five EP's including Infrared and numerous singles some of which come from her own record label Our Dawn Entertainment. Infrared has a sultry new age Sade feel sound to it with one of my favorite being "How I Get It."  This EP definitely will hold us "Hearts" over until Redemption drops! 

Stream the EP below: