Beyonce Casts Model With Muscular Dystrophy To Promote New Products

We love the statement Beyonce is making with her clothing line. Queen Bey has enlisted Jillian Mercado, a model and blogger with muscular dystrophy, as the new model for the singer's "Formation" merchandise.

Mercado announced the news via social media. "OK LADIES now let's get in FORMATION!" she wrote on Instagram. “So BEYond excited to finally announce that I’m on the official @beyonce website!!!”

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Mercado was signed to iconic modeling agency IMG in 2015. She previously starred in campaigns for Nordstrom and Diesel. 

Her blog, Manufactured 1987, includes post about her career as a model and new fashion lines. She uses the blog, along with social media, as a platform to champion diversity in her industry. 

“At first I was very hesitant,” she told Vogue in August. “I wasn’t sure about showing everyone my world because I didn’t know if there would be an audience. We’ve been brainwashed [as a society] not to care about someone who has a disability, or their world.”

“I was shocked that I didn’t see anyone in the industry who was like me,” Mercado told Vogue. “So when people — girls especially — tell me that I’m their role model, I am taken aback. I love it and it is flattering but it affects me on a very personal level because I remember growing up without having a person I could look to.”

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Congratulations Jillian!