Beyonce Releases New Stand-Alone Video For “All Night”

On Wednesday, Beyonce released a standalone music video from Lemonade, her visual album which debuted with single videos for each track. The six-minute video, produced by Diplo, was released on Vevo shortly after the cover art for “All Night” was seen online. This is the fourth standalone video released off the album. Other videos include “Formation.” “Hold up.” and “Sorry.” 

The video features personal moments from Beyonce’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy including images of her baby bump. Also moments and clips of herself and hubby Jay Z throughout their marriage. This small intimate portrait of her life with Jay Z already has up to four million views on Vevo and it's only been released less than 24 hours ago. 

The visual album definitely sparked controversy about rapper Jay Z committing infidelity, getting fans in tune with the singer’s personal life and also featuring a ton of home footage of the couple in the “All Night” video. The video also includes the lovebirds getting their IV ring finger tattoos, apparently four is a lucky number for the Carters.

Earlier this year, Lemonade was nominated for four Emmys. It is already said the album is already emerging as the number one spot. Queen Bey must have felt like being nice and thought we deserved another video. The singer has been on tour all year and according to Highs Nobiety, it is rumored that Bey will make her Coachella headline debut at next year’s festival.

If you haven’t already, Check out Bey’s new video for the single “All Night”