Khloe Kardashian Helps Fans Shut Down the Haters In Revenge Body Trailer

Khloe Kardashian is taking a stand against bullying,  In the trailer for her new series,  Revenge Body she says “Let’s make our haters our biggest motivators”, According to Bravo, the show aims to help individuals get healthier and boost their self –esteem, it also highlights Khloe’s past weight struggle and her process of becoming fit. If you’ve been Keeping Up With The Kardashian since day one then you’ll remember Khloe’s struggle of constantly being put down because of her weight, “I was always overweight as a kid”, she says in a trailer . “If I was stressed out or sad, I would eat. So I then had to learn how to put my energy into something positive and healthy for me, which is how I fell in love with working out”.

In the trailer the 16 participants realize how tough a transition they are making  “What the f--- did I get myself into?” but Khloe quickly lets them know it’s either stick with it or get replaced “Either buckle down and take it serious or I’m just going to have to drop you and get somebody new."

I think this is a good market for Khloe. After seeing her progress over the years I can’t think of anyone better to help whip some ladies into shape and get their confidence back. The series will premier Jan. 12 on E! Check out the full trailer below