What’s Going On With Big Sean And Jhene Aiko?

If you’ve been following Big Sean or Jhene Aiko, or both of them, you’ll definitely recognize that something is definitely going on between them. Over the past year everyone has been waiting for one of them to finally admit that they are doing more than making music together. Aiko filed for divorce from Dot Da Genius over the summer, which many thought would prompt the couple to finally admit their relationship. Not only that but they’ve been spotted together at many outings including Kendall Jenner’s birthday party on November 2nd and dressing up in a couple Star Wars costume this past Halloween.

Looks cozy right? Well this past weekend Sean decided to troll us all, capturing Aiko and Chris Brown on Snapchat with the caption, “My lifelong friends! Drunk texting went platinum. Me n Chris sold millions too. Fam” Friends? Is this official? Are Sean and Jhene really just friends? Or did he just friendzone her? The Shade Room managed to capture the snap before it disappeared. Here’s the snap below:

So what’s really going on between the two? From their collabs to their couple-worthy Instagram pics, it’s easy to see how we’re confused on whether or not they’re a couple. Especially after they dropped TWENTY88, their was some definite chemistry between the two. Are they together? Or is this some seriously intricate promo for another upcoming album? What do you guys think? Let us know @TooMuchInfo___!