Bye Bye Baby Weight: Blac Chyna Begins Weight Loss Journey

Just two weeks after giving birth to baby girl Dream Renee Kardashian, Blac Chyna is already setting out to lose that extra baby weight. While the family is still adjusting to a new baby, this being Rob’s first and Chyna’s second, the Kardashian-Jenner family are swooning over baby Dream, with Kris Jenner even saying, “She's such a great baby though. She's been really calm and really sweet so they are very lucky.”

Though they’re still adjusting, nothing is stopping Chyna from reaching her goal of 130 pounds. At just nine day postpartum, she posted to Snapchat and later Instagram a video of her already flat stomach. 

Snap also saw it first, though she only delivered a few weeks ago, she is already down 23 pounds, and looking to lose another 39 to hit her goal.

Chyna was quick to snap back at everyone criticizing her weight loss, thinking there was no way she could do that on her own. She revealed on snapchat that a combo of eating right, being a mother of two, breastfeeding and exercise is what’s helping her bounce back so quickly. She also set the record straight and let everyone know there was and will be no surgery involved in her weight loss. She stated, “So I posted a picture of my belly yesterday and the only reason it got that flat, you guys, is from breastfeeding and breast pumping and from my body already being small before my pregnancy, And for everybody that...yeah, sorry, try again."

Well congrats to Chyna on her first baby girl with Rob Kardashian, and a huge congrats on being motivated and passionate about losing her baby weight the healthy way. Can’t wait to see her progress and hope she hits her goal!