In Case You Needed Another Reason To Love Cardi B

We at Too Much Info pride ourselves in being a positive source for celebrity entertainment, and not only that, uplifting women in whatever they choose to do. Prime example: Ms. Cardi B herself. She’s been everywhere, has done everything and is nowhere near ashamed of her past. She’s her own number 1 fan and will not tolerate any hate towards her or her grind. She gets into the detail of this and feminism in her Vibe Viva cover story. 

If you saw Cardi’s rant on Instagram ( about feminism, here’s the story. Cardi was celebrating her cover for Vibe Viva with the author of the her article, Marjua Estevez. Cardi pulled Estevez aside to tell her that she really appreciates the fact that she has two degrees but still supports someone who was a former stripper. To Cardi B, this is what feminism is all about. People attack Cardi B all the time, telling her she can’t be a feminist because of her stripper past, but she just brushes the haters off and continues to do her own thing.

In her iG video she states, “If you believe in equal rights of men and women, that makes you a feminist. I don’t understand how you bitches feel like being a feminist is being a woman that has an education, that have a degree. That is not being a feminist.” Her definition of feminism is simple, and the one that she lives by.

Cardi doesn’t get enough credit, she makes her own money, is happy, healthy and supports other women doing their own thing. Isn’t this what feminism is really about? Though she may seem strong and unbothered, she still is vulnerable. She stated she’s tired of people calling her a whore. "A lot of people judge me, a lot of people call me 'whore,'" she said. "If someone called me that in real life, I'm poppin' off. But you know, the things that I see in the media. That s**t hurts my feelings and it makes me want to hate people."

Basically we can all learn a lesson from Cardi B. Feminism is simple, equal rights for both men and women, not just women why are this that and the other thing. Also, because she was a stripper doesn’t make her a whore, she may joke and clown around on social media, but what we really need to take from Cardi B’s Vibe Viva piece and her social media is that she’s a person with feelings too. We support and love Cardi B and her hustle!