Colin Kaepernick Black Panther Inspired Youth Campaign

Over the weekend NFL Quarterback and Activist Colin Kaepernick launched his first “Know your Rights” Camp in Oakland, California. There was more than 100 people in attendance at this groundbreaking event. Kaepernick and his staff have been working hard behind the scenes to give African American children the tools they need when it comes to dealing with law enforcement. Colin’s first tool was creating a youth awareness campaign. This idea was created following  Kaepernick’s decision to take a knee to silently protest the senseless shootings of African Americans by law enforcement.

The Know Your Rights organization states that this “free youth campaign was created to help raise awareness on higher education, self-empowerment, ad instruction to properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios.

Amongst the people in attendance was New York Daily News’ Shaun King who was able to capture and document this historic moment in Downtown Oakland. Shaun King was invited by Kaepernick personally to cover this exclusive event that had to be kept secret to avoid any unwarranted publicity. In his article King outlined the organization’s ten-point plan, which was placed on t-shirts that were gifted to everyone in attendance. Kaepernick ten-point plan was inspired by the Black Panther Party, who have been around for 50 years. The points start off saying “You have the right to be….” And replace each ending with words like free, healthy, brilliant, trusted, and safe.

PhotoCred: Know Your Rights Camp

PhotoCred: Know Your Rights Camp

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