California Has A Queen On The Senate

Howard University should be extremely proud of their alum Kamala Harris, who was elected the new Democratic senator of California. While supporters of Hillary Clinton have been devastated by her defeat in the 2016 presidential election, Kamala Harris’s supporters have something to celebrate. Her victory was overshadowed by Trump’s presidential victory, but it truly will be a great thing for America.

Harris, 52, previously served six years as the attorney general for the state of California where she was very popular. As a native of California, it’s clear that she was very passionate about making change in the community starting with crime control. She also was one of the leading attorney generals in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. She was also very active in efforts to reduce school truancy and highly supported the fight for same-sex marriage.

Credits: Nick Ut/AP

Credits: Nick Ut/AP

Harris made history this week, as she became the second black women to be elected and also the first Indian-American ever elected as senator. Her mother emigrated from India. Twenty African-American currently serve in the U.S House of Representatives, but there has not been a black woman senator since 1999. The first woman to become a senator was Carol Moseley Braun.

Kamala Harris is a politician, wife, mentor, and role model for black girls all across America. She has managed to remain in support of the efforts to truly make this country a better place for all people, especially black Americans. She is the definition of an admirable black woman in power. She may also go on to later run for the president of the U.S, and become the first black woman president.