Kylie Jenner Announces Lipstick Collab!

The Jenners and Kardashians are back at it again. As if they haven't taken over television already, they are now taking over the cosmetics world too. Kylie Jenner just announced that she will be teaming up with big sister Khloe Kardashian to launch a beauty line called “Koko Kollection”. She's been hinting around on her snap chat earlier this week and now it's here. The collection will make its debut with lipstick and work its way up to more cosmetics.

The lip kit consist of three matte lipsticks and one lip gloss all created by Khloe herself. They all have really cool names that pop and stand out like the reality tv star. The glittery pink gloss is called “Damn Gina”. The matte shades are a bright fuchsia shade called “Okurr”, a burgundy shade called “Gorg” and a rosy nude called “Khlo$”. The lipstick/ gloss set won't hurt your pockets too bad either, considering you get a set of four quality lip colors. It'll run you $66, but since the girls love and appreciate their fans so much, it's only $40 when you order within the US and also includes free shipping on How awesome is that! The Koko Kollection will be available Wednesday, November 9th at 3pm on Kylie's website. 

Just when you think a collaboration was enough, Kylie is now in the works of opening her first cosmetics store. This is coming after having technological hiccups in the past with online orders and having customers personal information being leaked. Kylie was scouting locations throughout the summer and has seemed to have settled on one. There hasn't been any details on where and an opening date yet, but you'll want to keep your eyes peeled and ears opened for specifics of when.

For all you YouTubers and beauty bloggers get ready to add this sweet treat to your Christmas list of things you'd like in your stocking this holiday season.